Dear Alumni,

DSC_0112For more than three decades, graduates of Sackler’s New York State/American Program have made important contributions to the practice of medicine in the U.S. and Canada. What sets Sackler graduates apart as physicians and scientists is not only the excellent foundation in medicine they receive but also our commitment to the highest ethical standards, to collaborative team work, and to a holistic approach that recognizes the importance of the physician/patient partnership in healthcare.

IMG_7021_325WWe know that the practice of medicine has become ever more challenging.  Sackler’s Alumni Association offers each of our graduates a strong and supportive network of colleagues and friends to help cope with the demands of medicine in the 21st century, to advance their careers and to balance their professional and personal lives.

We are pleased to offer our alumni an online presence and hope it will foster greater contact among the Sackler community of physicians.


Dr. Stephen H. Lazar

Executive Dean