Letter To Alumni From President re: Electives & Residencies


To: Members of Alumni Association
From: Jeffrey Steiner, M.D Class of 1988
President, Alumni Association
Sackler School of Medicine New York State/American Program

Dear Fellow Alumni,

I am most proud to be serving as the new President of the Alumni Association and would like to gain your assistance in a variety of projects that will follow.

My primary goal for the immediate future is to assist our present students and administration in obtaining electives and residency programs. The competition for electives and residencies has become critical as medical schools expand their classes and new medical colleges have been formed. Several of our fourth year students are still in need of electives for July and August of this year. If you are in a position to assist any student in obtaining an elective in any area please contact:

Dr. Stephen H. Lazar Executive Dean at

as soon as possible.

Your assistance in this matter may map the direction of the future members of the Alumni Association. I look forward to working with you and will be contacting you in the next several weeks.