Similar to U.S. medical schools, tuition fees defray only a portion of the actual costs incurred in providing a medical education.

Tuition for the academic year 2018-2019 is listed below. Expenses are estimated.


Tuition Class of 2019
Tuition Class of 2020
Tuition Class of 2021
Tuition Class of 2022
Research LOA Year
Estimated Cost of Attendance 2017-2018
(for all classes)
  $69,500.00 – $73,500.00 (+/-)

Tuition fees are payable to the Sackler School of Medicine and should be mailed to our New York office in equal installments on August 15 and January 15.

A student who fails to meet the payment schedule will not be allowed to continue his/her studies.

Students who repeat a year, or take a leave of absence for research, are exempt from tuition fees. However, these students are required to pay $5,000 for health insurance, sports facilities and administrative fees.

Tuition and the cost of attendance is reviewed on a yearly basis.

Financial Assistance

The Sackler School of Medicine recognizes the heavy financial burden placed upon many students and their families by the cost of a medical education. U.S. citizens are eligible to apply for federal loans.

Information concerning financial aid is available from the Sackler School of Medicine’s New York office.