Dr. Stephen Lazar, Dr. Sheryl Shoham,
Dr. Aaron Allen, and Dr. Arnon Afek

New York State/American Program in New York

Stephen H. Lazar, Ed.D.
  Executive Dean
Yolanda Allen
  Executive Assistant
Barbara Kugel
  Director of Admissions & Alumni Affairs
Ira Rosenfeld
  Financial Aid Coordinator
Mila Ruby
  Director of Electives & Residency

Israel Office

Prof. Arnon Afek, MD
  Director of New York State/American Program
Aaron Allen, MD
  Deputy Director of New York State/American Program
Sheryl Shoham, MD
  Associate Director Pre-Clinical Education
Tali Capua, MD
  Associate Director Clinical Education
Tami Lipkin-Zur
  Program Administrative Director & Registrar
Shani Evenstain
  Office of Curriculum Development
Adi Sikora
  Academic Records & Financial Aid
Cornelia Ronnel
  Student Affairs Secretary
Galit Shilo
  Student Affairs Secretary
Adi Knaan
  Program Secretary