DSC_0172Students’ Disciplinary Code

Students of the Sackler School of Medicine New York State/American Program are subject to all the rules and regulations of Tel Aviv University. In the event that a student has committed an offense, as set down in the Students Disciplinary Code, he or she will be presented with a Notice of Complaint, along with a copy of the Student Disciplinary Code, by the prosecutor. This is followed by a hearing before the Disciplinary Officer who has the authority to adjudicate and decide on any complaint submitted by the prosecutor against a student. If the student is found guilty of a disciplinary offense, the Disciplinary Officer is empowered to decide the punishment. An appeal against the decision may be made to an Appeal Tribunal, which shall debate and decide the appeal.

DSC_0192The Sackler School of Medicine operates under an Honor Code whereby students are expected to act ethically, professionally and with integrity in all situations pertaining to examinations, course work, attendance, and interactions with peers and teachers. However, if a student violates this Honor Code, he/she will be subject to strong disciplinary actions.

The Sackler Faculty of Medicine has its own disciplinary committee for minor violations of the Code, such as classroom disturbance, rudeness to staff and faculty, damage to university property, and violation of examination regulations. The student does not have a right to bring a lawyer (as is the case where the student is seen by the University Disciplinary Officer). Decisions by the faculty disciplinary committee cannot be appealed. The student does have the right to decide whether he or she wishes to appear before the Faculty Disciplinary Committee or the University Disciplinary Officer.

Fulfilling Financial Obligations

Any student who violates a University guarantee (i.e., apartment rental) or who fails to pay an outstanding fee to the University, such as library or dental school fees, will not be promoted to the next academic year and will not receive a graduation diploma.