Special Needs

DSCF5983Special Accommodations for Students with Learning Disabilities

The New York State/American Program recognizes the special needs of students with learning disabilities and is prepared to aid them in maximizing their educational experience. Students who identify themselves as having special educational requirements and who provide documentation of their specific disability will receive special accommodations according to their individual needs. The decision to provide special accommodations for a student will be reached after an interview with the Program Director and a review of supporting documents by the professional staff of the program.

Special accommodations may include, when possible:

  • Special seating assignments
  • Permission to use tape recorders in lectures
  • Permission to use calculators in exams (except Shelf exams)
  • Private seating for written exams
  • Extended time for examinations
  • Alternative or modified assignments
  • Individual counseling

We strive to improve the well being and educational experiences of all of our students. We hope that these special accommodations will contribute towards enhancing the performance and achievements of our students with special needs.